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 ~ Mobile Services Are Available ~  


We provide service to all of the following areas;

Los Angeles County

Orange County

San Bernardino County 

Surrounding Areas 

Our first priority is making sure everything is as easy and convenient as possible for our customers. Most small jobs can be done right in your home. For large jobs such as furniture sets, we provide pick-up and delivery services.

Re-dye Restoration

A Re-Dye and Restoration of your leather furniture may be the best option for you. Using our state-of-the-art, factory direct products, a Re-dye Restoration will renew the life span of your favorite leather goods such as: home and office furniture, auto interior, handbags, shoes, garments, etc. Whether it be a complete color change or just a restoration of the original color, we can help you add countless years of life to your favorite leather goods. If your leather no longer cleans up, the finish is peeling, or the color has faded, you are a prime candidate for a Re-dye and Restoration.  All leather finishes and dyes have a life span. In most cases, the leather finish or color on the surface has just worn off . No need to panic, this is very common. Many people think when their leather gets to this stage that they will have to spend thousands of dollars to replace it or reupholster it. This is simply not the case! Even if the leather is dry, deeply cracked, ripped, torn, burned, etc. We have time tested techniques that we employ to restore your leather to the beautiful condition it was in when you first bought it. 

Leather Repair

Cat scratches, scrapes, rips, tears, burns and just about any other damage to your leather is something we see often. Accidents happen, and while your leather is durable, it is not impervious to damage.  Over the years, we have developed many techniques to make those unpleasant mistakes go away. We can repair the damage making it virtually undetectable. 

Deep Cleaning and Conditioning

Has your leather been ignored and untreated? With all that life throws at you, we understand how your sofa may have been overlooked. Now what remains is dried, prematurely aged, cracked leather. Without proper care and conditioning, your leather will age rapidly, losing its luster and flexibility. This process is rapidly accelerated in warmer climates. GOOD NEWS!!  The damage can be easily reversed! A Deep Cleaning and Conditioning may be all it takes to keep your leather looking fresh, supple and soft. As you see in the picture to the left, one couch has just received a Deep Cleaning and Conditioning. Sometimes that is all that is needed to restore your leather to the beautiful state which you love to see. We only use the best products that are available. The cleaners and conditioners we use are PH balanced water based products, that are safe for use on human skin. We never use and nor should you, any products (EVER) with harsh chemicals or petroleum based ingredients and distillates.

Wood Refinishing

All furniture is hand stripped with a paste stripper to preserve the finest veneers and the glue originally used. We solvent wash the furniture in order to preserve the patina and not raise the grain. We will use different bleaching products only when needed to remove stains in the wood or when a bleached finish is requested by the customer. Sanding is done with state-of-the-art sanding materials using both hand and machines to give a smooth base. Stains are applied in various stages to provide depth and add character. Sealers and grain fillers are used when a closed pore finish is required. We top-coat with catalyzed lacquer in a sheen of your choice. We offer sprayed finishes from dead flat matte to semi-gloss, with options for hand rubbed to machine buffed high gloss finish. Painted furniture gets a primer coat, a color coat, and sometimes glazes and toners followed by a top-coat. When alternative finishing is used, a piece goes under a rigorous cleaning process and the piece is scratched sanded for proper adhesion of the new finish. It can be touched up, glazed and toned to bring back the original color or we will create a new color of your choice. The piece is then top-coated for a finished look.

Furniture Repair and Reglue  

Chairs and wood furniture take a lot of abuse in a home or office.  They normally get used several times a day without thought. We repair  broken chairs or other furniture pieces that have become broken or loose from extended use.  We take pride in knowing that our repairs are often stronger when they leave our shop than when they were bought new. We can also refurbish the finish of a chair when it has become sticky, worn, or faded over time.

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